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Past events and amounts raised

The lottery draw
December 2017 raised £935

The Messiah staged by Merry Opera
on 15th December 2017 raised £748

Christmas Tree Festival
during December 2017 raised £1,635

Blessing of the Nets
on 15th September 2017 raised £590

Ernie Childs exhibition and talk
on 6th September 2017 raised £805

An Afternoon of Music with Rev'd Grant and Bill Kibby
on 27th August 2017 raised £252

Organ Recital of Popular Pieces by Michael Nicholas
on 19th August 2017 raised £405

Rock and Roll with Mervyn and the Starbeats
on 12th August 2017 raised £255

Gorleston Community Choir
on 6th August 2017 raised £490

Dixiemix Dixieland Jazz
on Saturday 15th July raised £680

Grass Roots Football talk by Colin Smith
on 9th March 2017 raised £515

Classical meets Broadway at Christmas, with Hayley Moss and Ben Lake
on 15th December 2016 raised£250

A Medieval Christmas" with Hexachordia
on 10th December 2016 raised £240

Christmas Tree Festival
on 9th to 18th December 2016 raised £1970

Blessing of the Nets Service
on 16th October 2016 raised £575

New Orleans Jazz with RedBeans’n’Rice
on 17 September 2016 raised £480

Rock and Roll
on 10th September 2016 raised £718

Summer music concerts
over the summer of 2016 raised £1,810

on Saturday 16th July 2016 raised £1,200

Team Quiz
on Tuesday 24th May 2016 raised £240

Rock and Roll
on Saturday 21st May 2016 raised £1,400

Christmas Tree Festival
On 11th-29th December 2015 raised £2,400

Blessing of the Nets Service and herring supper
on 4th October 2015 raised £978

Dixiemix Jazz
on 11th July 2015 raised £575

The six Sunday Summer Afternoon Concerts 2015
raised £1,767

Umgawa Kagooga 8-piece Ska Band
On Saturday 16th May 2015 raised £250

Christmas Tree Festival
in December 2014 raised £2,029

Wedding Fair
on 18th October 2014 raised £935

Ipswich and Norwich Coop Brass Band
on 11th October 2014 raised £135

Blessing of Nets Service
on 5th October 2014 raised £907

Gorleston Community Choir
on 9th August 2014 raised £650

Tunes and Music from WW1
on 3rd August 2014 raised £290

Afternoon Tea with Rachel King
on 20th July 2014 raised £540

Dixiemix Jazz raised
12th July 2014 raised £1,450

Tony T Band on
19th May 2014 raised £784

Christmas Tree and Crib Festival
December 2013 raised £1,980

Blessing of Nets and Herring Supper
on October 6th 2013 raised £1,009

Gorleston Community Choir
on Saturday 28th September 2013 raised £757

Great Yarmouth Brass
on 17th August 2013 raised £295

Ernie’s Yarns
On 26th July 2013 raised £1,253

Dixiemix Jazz
On 13th July 2013 raised £1,235

Afternoon Tea
On 9th June 2013 raised £747

Teddy Bear Zip wire
On 4th May 2013 raised £112

Beer tasting
On 15th January 2013 raised £250

Floods exhibition
January 2013 raised £505

Christmas Tree/Crib Festival
on 5th to 9th December 2012 raised £1,440

Blessing of the Nets
on 7th October 2012 raised £859

Afternoon Tea with Hannah Long
on 22nd July 2012 raised £742

Dixiemix Jazz Band
on 23rd June 2012 raised £170

Afternoon Tea with GYG&S Soc
on 10th June 2012 raised £370

on 26th May 2012 raised £110

Teddy bear ride
on 7th April 2012 raised £160

Ian Gibson Talk
on 17th February 2012 raised £325

Christmas Tree/Crib Festival
on 7th-10th December 2011 raised £1,765

Nuclear Testing
on 11th November 2011 raised £275

Blessing of the Nets
on 2nd October 2011 raised £847

Sixties Night
on 13th August 2011 raised £879

Afternoon Tea
On 14th August 2011 raised £360

on 25th June 2011 raised £352

Gala Dinner at Somerleyton Hall
on 8th June 2011 raised £3,250

Redbeans n Rice Jazz
on 13th May 2011 raised £745

Reminiscences of the Herring Fishery
on 12th May 2011 raised £1,040

Re-consecration 50th Anniversary Service
on 8th May 2011 raised £1,035

1940s’s Music Evening
on 6th May 2011 raised £400

Michael Falcon talk – Yarmouth and Me
on 11th March 2011 raised £700

Colin Tooke talk – Turn back Time
on 25th February 2011 raised £665

The Fishing Evening
on 12th November 2010 raised £780

The Three Valleys Male Voice Choir
on 23rd October 2010 raised £375

Maasi Warrior Troupe
on 8th October 2010 raised £620

Blessing of the Nets
on 3rd October 2010 raised £549

Antiques Gala
on 8th September 2010 raised £1,220

The Sixties meets Swing
on 14th August 2010 raised £2,050

Elizabethan Musical Evening
on 6th August 2010 raised £250

Romeo and Juliet by the Masquers
on 5th July 2010 raised £2

Live Trad Jazz with Red Beans and Rice
on 3rd July 2010 raised £1,695

Summer Music and Afternoon Tea
on 27th June 2010 raised £445

Take Three Cooks Sponsored by the Imperial Hotel
on 17th May 2010 raised £2,275

Church Open Day
on 15th May 2010 raised £225

Talk by General Sir Richard Dannatt
on 14th May 2010 raised £1,666

Flower Arranging Demonstration, Buffet, Gardeners’ Question Time.
on 12th May 2010 raised £825

A History of Yarmouth through the Potteries
by Ernie Childs on 23rd April 2010
raised £255

Bridge Lunch in April 2010 by Andrew and Jill Norris
raised £345

Quiz on 26th March 2010
raised £580

Blessing of the Nets Service and Herring Supper
on Sunday 11th October 2009 raised £626

Antiques Gala
on Wednesday 9th September 2009 raised £2327

Maritime Festival
September 2009 raised £129

The Piano Recital – Featuring Rupert Egerton-Smith
on Friday 21st August 2009 raised £1260

The General Knowledge Quiz
on Friday 3rd July 2009 raised £2048

Talk by Colin Tooke
on Friday 29th January 2009 raised £443

Future Events

Saturday 17th February at 7.30pm in St. Paul’s Church Hall
a Trio of Talks (Yarmouth Comic Postcards – Paul Davies, The Rows – Ernie Childs, I Remember Yarmouth – Colin Smith) with fish and chips.
Tickets £10 from the Minster Café, Colin Smith 01493 844288, Karen Childs 01493 858862

5th to 23rd March 10-3pm
an exhibition of the First Yarmouth Parish Register in the Minster.
The register has recently been conserved and records approximately 138,000 names, giving details of the baptisms, marriages and burials in the town between 1558 and 1653. Two of the women included were hanged during the Salem witch trials.

Monday 5th March 7.30pm
a talk on the Register by Nick Sellwood, the Conservator at the Norfolk Record Office in the Minster.
Free admission, donations welcome.

Saturday 14 July 7.30pm in the Minster
Dixiemix Jazz.
Tickets £10.

Sunday 12th August at 3pm in the Minster
Gorleston Community Choir.
Tickets £6 includes a cuppa and cake

75th anniversary of the bombing of the church fair

75th anniversary of the bombing of the church fair

75th anniversary of the bombing of the church fair

75th anniversary of the bombing of the church fair

Dixiemix Jazz

Herring Service

Herring Service

The Sixties Evening

The Mayor of Yarmouth (Tony Smith) has designated
the trust as one of his charities during his mayoral year.